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Hello! Today, I would like to talk about the beginning of any business. Let's say the founder has an idea and is looking for ways to bring it to life.

The first step that needs to be taken is to test a set of hypotheses on which the business idea is based.

It is necessary to determine who he is, the future consumer, and what is the importance of this product for him? What do we even know about our client? How do we know that he is our client? What does he use, what hurts him, and why does he prefer his way of doing things?

How will our product be used, does it offer a new experience and benefit? What, and how many, are the steps in the buying process?

Together with QP Studio, the chances of a successful start-up and stable business development increase exponentially. Why?   Well, there is no magic pill here. Rather, there is an understanding of the business creation algorithm.

Understanding the steps by which you will not get a guaranteed profitable business, but you will minimize the risks of failure.

Benefits of working with the studio:

• Framework – business processes for startup development.

• Operational efficiency is the expertise of our team. We have extensive experience in attracting top mentors and startup industry experts.

• Resources for business development. We bear the operational costs of project implementation and are ready to invest up to $25,000 for hypothesis testing.

• Business connections that will help to effectively solve any questions and tasks.

We are ready for active cooperation and consider projects from both the digital world and the real sector, such as energy-efficient technologies and real estate.

Let's develop business together!

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