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    A digital warehousing ecosystem
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    WareTeka is a digital warehousing ecosystem for small and medium enterprises and third-party logistic operators. 

    WareTeka operates in Ukraine and Poland. 


    There are 1,500 + warehouses on the platform.

  • DOC.UA
    A digital medical platform
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    Doc.ua is a digital medical platform that includes medical institutions, telemedicine and online pharmacies.

    Service operates at the following markets: 

    Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova.  

  • ABM Cloud
    Cloud-based solutions
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    ABM Cloud is the software that provides the development and integration of cloud-based solutions for improving business productivity. 

    350+ implementations in various industries across 15 countries. More than 20 years of experience in the supply chain, retail, distribution, manufacturing, finances

    A low-code data science platform
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    Nocode-analytics and machine learning platform.

  • Raccoon. Recovery
    The solution for a physical rehabilitation
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    Raccoon.Recovery is a software and hardware CE certified GDPR solution for physical rehabilitation after injuries and neurological diseases that provide better outcomes for patients and saves a therapist’s time:

    • gamification for patient motivation and retention during the full course;
    • more effective treatment thanks to tracking of patient’s progress;
    • automation and digitization of examination tests and reports;
    • possibility to use for remote rehab (telerehabilitation) with remote monitoring.
  • Wantent
    AI-powered reaction recognition platform
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    Wantent is a AI-powered reaction recognition platform for consumer analytics. 

    Applying machine learning technologies, the solution identifies customer-product emotional connection and increases the efficiency of every consumed minute of the video. 

    Wantent is a smart marketing analysis instrument for content producers and distributors that evaluates and forecasts emotional response to video content saving video production time and marketing budgets.

  • Organization.GG
    An e-sports platform
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    Organization.GG is an online platform for e-sportsmen and streamers that enables them to monetize their activity through direct interactions with fans.

    The startup got funding from WePlay, one of the top Esports studios in Europe.

    20+ top streamers and gamers onboarded for example AdreN, Dosia, DianaRice etc.

  • Onlizer
    a low-code development platform
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    Onlizer is an automation platform created to simplify the integration of software used by companies in different industries: Online Education, Property, Retail, E-commerce, HoReCa, SaaS, Logistics, Marketing and Advertising. It provides tools to control and improve business processes.

    The platform is used in the USA, EU, Australia, Asia and CIS counties by 1000+ active users. Every day more than 200k process runs.

Nikolay Shapovalov Nikolay Shapovalov
Nikolay Shapovalov
Managing Partner

INSEAD Business School. 

Novosibirsk State University, Bachelor Mathematics.  

14 years in finance. 7 years in the biggest bank in EE as the Head of data science in the VIP-Products’ Department.

Yurii Sereshchenko Yurii Sereshchenko
Yurii Sereshchenko
Project director

INSEAD Business School. 

Odessa National Economic University, Master of Economics.  

16 years in executive positions in the investment company. Background in real estate, banking, natural resources.

Ivan Patoka Ivan Patoka
Ivan Patoka

Passed Level II of the CFA Program.

Donetsk National Technical University, Master in Innovation Management. 

7 years in investments and corporate finance. Background in mining, telco, agro and real estate industries.

Svetlana Meshkova Svetlana Meshkova
Svetlana Meshkova
Communications director

Sumy State University. Bachelor of Philology. 

13 years as a Head of Domestic Policy at the administration of the President of Ukraine. 7 years in the investment company.

Oleg Zaytsev Oleg Zaytsev
Oleg Zaytsev
Chief Marketing Officer

Plekhanov University of Economics, Marketing, Master Degree. Satakunta University, Business administrations. 

School of Visual Arts, NYC. Award-winning marketing professional with 16 years of experience. 

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