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Greetings! Let me briefly describe the focus of QP Studio. These are the sectors that currently have the potential for success, and we are willing to invest our finances specifically in them.

I have repeatedly emphasized in my interviews and social media posts that we do not limit ourselves, we do not put ourselves in a box, so to speak. Therefore, we are waiting for anyone who is capable of "igniting" the entire team with their energy. These are entrepreneurs who are ready to set a goal, move towards it, and take responsibility for the risks involved in bringing it to life.

What specific type of business is currently our top priority?

• Software projects. Our studio has extensive expertise in creating software products, and we have experience in scaling and mass-producing them. This is an ideal option in terms of risk avoidance since software development can take place outside our country.

• Marketplaces. Electronic platforms for various types of sellers, from small producers and drop shippers to large retail chains and individual sellers. Many ideas in this area can potentially be successful.

But let's not lose sight of the current context in Ukraine. Also, let's not forget about the real sector. As noted in a recent interview with Rostyslav Shurma, the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine on Economic Issues, after the victory in the war and given the security guarantees, these sectors will become top priorities and attract significant investments:

• Agricultural sector. Business opportunities exist in increasing production efficiency, cultivating crops, and agricultural processing. This sector can also boast high adaptability and resilience in times of war.

• Green energy. Solar, wind, and water resources. From the construction of solar and wind power plants to the implementation of green innovative technologies. Energy-efficient solutions are the key to the future.

• Manufacturing sector. Ukraine has a huge advantage over other countries in a number of industries, not only in terms of competitiveness but also in the high efficiency and quality of its products. These industries include metallurgy, energy engineering, woodworking, metalworking, etc.

• Delivery. Logistics, supply chains, and interactions, fast traction. Completely "down-to-earth" projects that meet basic human needs are always in demand. For example, the supply of various goods, food, drinks, medicines, especially to remote areas, such as military zones.

Let's start taking action and make things happen! Whatever business idea you have, we at QP Studio are ready to discuss it and allocate funds to test the hypothesis. We are waiting for you at our studio!

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