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What startups are poised for success in the new year? According to Business Insider, after surveying venture capitalists from over 30 globally recognized companies, the world will see a surge of interest in artificial intelligence, defense technologies, and cybersecurity.

Founders and investors are expected to focus on the following areas:

✅ Artificial Intelligence

It's VentureGPT's time to shine. AI will autonomously scout for potential unicorns worth investing in. Today, companies are already using AI to gather, sort, and send leads to investors. This trend will only continue to grow.

✅ Gaming

The gaming industry is set for a revival post-pandemic. AI will also play a role here, providing gamers with a unique gaming experience.

✅ Defense Technologies

If last year could be boldly called the year of artificial intelligence, then some experts are already naming 2024 the year of Defense and Military Tech. Significant investments are expected in these areas.

✅ Cybersecurity

Times of crisis and uncertainty demand enhanced business security. Companies will invest in innovative solutions to protect themselves from attacks and strengthen defense against hackers.

✅ CleanTech

Investors have been interested in environmentally friendly waste-free technologies for many years now. According to forecasts, 2024 will see an acceleration. It's time to implement what previously seemed too complex or expensive.

✅ Neobanking

And finally, mobile banks. Today, they are regaining their popularity after a tough period caused by the economic downturn. Financial activities in 2024 will largely be concentrated in digital channels.
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