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The electric car trend has swept the world, but when will Ukrainians make the mass transition to electric vehicles?

To achieve this, we need advanced infrastructure, powerful charging stations with affordable prices, and reliable service and maintenance. Additionally, a variety of offerings and a well-established supply of electric cars are essential.

The electric car industry is a key focus for QP Studio. Today, we will discuss an intriguing case: a digital marketplace for electric cars from China.

Over the past 25 years, China has become a leading expert in electric vehicles and the primary manufacturer of all resources, materials, and components for them.

The EV from China marketplace is envisioned as a digital platform that has the potential to bring together sellers and buyers of electric cars.

The platform will feature a wide selection of electric cars from various brands, complete with information about the manufacturer and specifications of the chosen model. It will cover different price categories to suit every budget and taste. Importantly, this marketplace will enable users to buy a car basically with just one click.

The process is simple: a person purchases an electric car on EV from China, and a logistics company carefully delivers it to the new owner in Ukraine. Packaging, transportation, authentication, quality control, and delivery – all these aspects will not concern the customer.

However, unlike the U.S. market, China lacks a unified platform that could provide the necessary information about available offerings and allow reservations or guarantee availability. Therefore, the launch of such a marketplace is currently in the stage of seeking partners in China who can structurally support the car offerings.

Do you have ideas on how to address this issue? We invite you to discuss them in our studio! We are open to collaboration and have extensive expertise in this field!

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