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Greetings! The results of our studio's work over the past three months highlighted strong areas for startups in Ukraine.

These are the 4 industry sectors: energy-efficient solutions, real estate, building materials, as well as electric vehicles and batteries.

The first three industries will thrive under the key trends, reconstruction and cost-cutting.

Reconstruction involves rebuilding everything that was lost due to Russian aggression. The most marginal trend. It is also an opportunity for Ukraine to jump from old to the most modern technologies. However, it is essential to be mindful of the serious competition from large European and global enterprises.

The second trend is cost-cutting. Geopolitically, Ukraine will remain a country with the cheapest labor force for a long time. Therefore, all types of labor-intensive manufacturing in Ukraine will have additional margin percentages.

After the victory, Ukrainian companies will have a window of opportunity to occupy their niche. Therefore, it is necessary to respond quickly to the needs of the market. Which industries to move into today:

  • Energy efficiency

 Reducing the consumption of any energy is the starting point for the development of a sustainable business.

The world has shifted from energy conservation declarations to concrete steps and technology implementation. Innovative solutions for smart-homes, development and implementation of alternative heating methods, heat pumps, solar panels, energy storage systems, smart inverters, and more.

Integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies in Ukraine open broad possibilities for startups. This includes the development of energy consumption monitoring solutions and the monitoring of energy efficiency systems using a network of connected devices.

  • Building materials

Currently, millions of square meters of housing have been destroyed in Ukraine. A significant portion of construction capacities has been ruined or is located in occupied territories.

Therefore, the construction of new plants is timely. It is crucial to remember that post-war reconstruction will require modern solutions rather than the reconstruction of old technologies. This is an opportunity to transition from traditional brickwork to more efficient and innovative materials, such as aerated concrete.

  • Real estate

The sector has experienced significant growth in the past six months. According to LUN data, cumulative sales in March 2023 were 65% higher than February sales and 80% higher than January sales. New projects have shifted to Lviv and the right-bank regions of Ukraine by 66%, and in Kyiv and the surrounding area by 24%.

Businesses in this field should plan for the long game. Social demographics will change in the post-war era, along with migration flows throughout Ukraine. The distribution of supply and demand will alter, along with the concept of residential housing.

Developers should pay attention to housing in the economy and comfort classes on fairly large plots, starting from 5 hectares and above.

  • Electric cars and batteries

Another promising sector is the rapidly developing EV industry. In Norway, for example, 97% of car sales are electric vehicles. Ukraine is also steadily moving towards such indicators.

The electric car ecosystem presents wide-ranging business opportunities. Companies involved in development and sales often struggle to address the service aspect. Therefore, charging stations, electric batteries, and their maintenance are relevant topics. In the future, there will be potential for production as Ukraine possesses two lithium deposits.

Demand for backup power systems will also increase. The need for batteries is familiar to those who have experienced power outages due to shelling and electricity disruptions. If, for example, production is dependent on this, the problem becomes significant in scale. 

It's time to take your niche and act! QP Studio has expertise in all the listed areas. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to our studio on Telegram.

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