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As a country with abundant entrepreneurial potential and a thriving tech industry, Ukraine is poised to produce world-class startups. However, many promising ventures are held back by the lack of proper support. That's why I am thrilled to introduce QP Studio – a cutting-edge business accelerator that is ready to partner with startups and established companies alike to help them achieve their audacious goals.

Backed by QP Digital, a successful venture fund with a track record of launching and scaling up innovative businesses, QP Studio brings a wealth of experience in marketing, business optimization, customer acquisition, technical development, and investment strategy. Our team is committed to working with entrepreneurs, even during challenging times, and we believe that now is the perfect time to start building the future.

At QP Studio, we believe in setting ambitious goals and providing the necessary resources and guidance to help our partners reach their full potential.

I’m excited to share our new business model and venture capital strategy with you soon. Join us in creating the country of the future, and let's build successful businesses that will make an impact on the world stage.

Please follow updates on these other platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The most interesting is ahead!


Yuriy Sereshchenko, founder of QP Studio

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